LYFSTYL is in constant pursuit of the passions, ideas and experiences that life has to offer, exploring the realms of music, travel, fashion, art and culture. The stories range from long-form thought pieces and concept-driven visual stories to short daily updates to satisfy your appetite for inspiration, instilling a sense of wonder in the process.

LYFSTYL’s readers are travellers, designers, entrepreneurs, creators and influencers, but above all else are explorers who are curious about the world we live in and the people that inhabit it. We encourage you to dream bigger than your confines, find what sets you free and live your best life. What stimulates your LYF?

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Moe Topping

Founder & Creative Director

Moe oversees all day-to-day operations, including brand partnerships, managing designers, strategists and editorial staff. I’m here to explore the world and add to it.

Braeden Alexander

Director of Content

Braeden is heavily involved with the overall content production and strategy. As a storyteller, he's concerned with what commonalities connects us as humans.

Princessa Topping

Marketing Director & Social Media Manager

Princessa oversees the commercial side of the website in addition to our various social media channels.

Rupa Jogani

Online Editor

Rupa contributes articles in the hopes of spreading her eclectic taste in music and culture to broaden readers minds.

Kevin Vanstone

Online Editor

Kevin oversees editorial across the website as well a providing thought provoking articles and the occasional rant.

Patrick Cwiklinski

Hip Hop Editor

Patrick has his sights on up-and-coming hip-hop artists, discovering new talents that deserve to be listened to.

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