Magna Carta Holy Grail is the twelfth studio album from Jay-Z. For the release of the album Jay Z teamed up with Samsung, by selling a million copies before the album was even released. My anticipation was high, higher probably due to the add campaign. Unfortunately the best songs were giving to us early on (add campaign).

The production on Magna Carta is phenomenal but, lyrically it’s poor for Jay Z and my interest in this album will fade quickly due to that alone. His previous albums were so much more reflective to what and who Jay Z is. Regrettably Jay’s talents seems faded and forced in this.

Magna Carta is strongly in the “non-essential” column of Jay-Z discography. And it’s certainly no Yeezus. I.e., breaks no new grounds, invites almost no discussion, plays it safe, wallows in money and fame cliches of typical rap, etc. Im still a fan of Jay Z’s earlier work Im just finding it harder relating to a 43 year old man who constantly raps about the same things. Jay has the ability to work with who ever he wants in music industry but is stuck in his comfort zone – he needs to branch out and do more  experimentation.

Simply ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ is not the best album and by no means the worst. It merely comes across as rushed and lacks cohesion.  If your expecting ‘Reasonable Doubt’ or ‘Blueprint’ Jay Z, this album is not for you!

Album highlights include: Holy GrailPicasso BabyTom FordFuckwithmeyouknowigotitCrownBeach is Better.