Unseen Photos from Nirvana's Underwater Shoot
All photos by Kirk Weddle

Unseen Photos from Nirvana’s Underwater Shoot

Previously unseen photos from Nirvana’s 1991 underwater shoot, which resulted in the iconic “baby swimming after a dollar” photo for the band’s album Nevermind, shot by photographer Kirk Weddle have been unveiled by Modern Rocks Gallery in Austin, Texas.

Modern Rocks Austin will be holding an exhibition of the series from 30 May – 27 June and will be selling numbered limited-edition copies at the launch and online.

nirvana_underwater_02 nirvana_underwater_03 nirvana_underwater_04 nirvana_underwater_05 nirvana_underwater_06 nirvana_underwater_07 nirvana_underwater_08 nirvana_underwater_09 nirvana_underwater_10 nirvana_underwater_11 nirvana_underwater_12 nirvana_underwater_13 nirvana_underwater_14 nirvana_underwater_15 nirvana_underwater_16 nirvana_underwater_17 nirvana_underwater_18 nirvana_underwater_19 nirvana_underwater_00 nirvana_underwater_19 nirvana_underwater_18 nirvana_underwater_17 nirvana_underwater_16 nirvana_underwater_15 nirvana_underwater_14 nirvana_underwater_13 nirvana_underwater_12 nirvana_underwater_11 nirvana_underwater_10 nirvana_underwater_09 nirvana_underwater_08 nirvana_underwater_07 nirvana_underwater_06 nirvana_underwater_05 nirvana_underwater_04 nirvana_underwater_03 nirvana_underwater_02 Unseen Photos from Nirvana's Underwater Shoot

Check out the images in the gallery above. Stream the iconic album Nevermind below.