10. Ang Low

5 Questions with R&B’s newest sensation, Ang Low

After being instantly captivated by Ang Low’s angelic voice and the smooth production found in his debut single ‘Life Goes Down‘, I came to the realization that I needed to speak with R&B’s newest sensation. With the purpose to learn more about his upbringing, influences, the inspiration behind ‘Life Goes Down‘ and what can we expect in the very near future from him. Check out our quick conversation below!

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Tell us who you are and how you got started making music?

Hey LYFSTYL! My name is Ang Low:) I am an artist in Brooklyn, NY. There’s always been something musically going on in my life. I started out singing in my hometown church and as I hit older got more into theatre performing and the live band scene, also at that time I was getting I to studios to record. “ 

When you were developing your own sound, there’s so much inspiration and influence to draw from. How do you narrow in and who were your biggest influences?

“Hmmm.. Good question. My influences vary greatly. Growing up I wasn’t allowed to listen to anything other than Christian and Christmas music. So I got into Kirk Franklin and Crystal Lewis. But as I got older and could buy my own music, I started listening to Brian McKnight and Lauren Hill. I also really loved Dance Hall type stuff and was really into artists like Beenie Man and Patra.”

What do you think makes you and your type of music unique from other artists?

“Well..you know what, I can’t really say what’s different about my music vs. another artist’s. I only know that when I step into the studio, I go in there with honest stories in my mind. The music and lyrics are just an interpretation of my story and how I’m feeling. So it has to be unique because it’s my story. I am very fortunate to be collaborating with amazing producers who have been able to make to make my stories sound Unique!”


Tell us a little bit about your beautiful song “Life Goes Down”. What were your main inspiration behind this song?

“Life Goes Down” came together super fast. I brought the begining materials for this song to my producers, Dan Drohan and Jeff Fettig. Everything was based on new love and the feelings we get from it. We matched some ideas together, and the song was done fairly quickly. It’s simplistic and familiar, which is why I feel listeners are being drawn in.”

What can we expect from you next?

I’ll be releasing another track this summer! It’s gonna be hot:) Expect a change in pace from “Life Goes Down”…something a bit sexier:)

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