5 Questions – Kodak To Graph

It probably does not come as a surprise that Kodak To Graph is a buddy of mine you probably caught on with the share amount of Kodak related posts. Kodak To Graph and I have worked on countless projects for various compilations, and continuously share music back and fourth via Facebook. So you would think that by now we would have already done an interview with him. Well thats not the case as you can see by this post. I reached out to Kodak during one of our many convos with these 5 Questions for LYFSTYL’s little interview series. 

Here is this conversation:

Tell us about your music. How did you develop your sound?

Kodak to graph began as a post-rock project back in high school and has slowly evolved into it’s current form. It was the logical outlet for me to turn to electronic music coming from making that type of music. It made more sense as a solo artist to be making electronic music being that its a much easier and faster process in regards to spilling out ideas and/or emotions. I think ultimately my ‘sound’ takes from everything that I come across. More or less, its just a huge collage of daily activities, going on trips, getting sick, meeting new people, hearing rustling around the house, listening to hip-hop, jazz, mo-town, drone, etc. It’s my sponge-like tendencies of soaking everything up that has created my sound, which i’m not sure i’ve found yet or ever going to find. Its going to be something that is consistently evolving and never staying the same, which could either be a good or bad thing.

If you had to describe your music in three or four words, how would you describe it?Excavating ruins at dusk.

What do you think makes you and your type of music unique from other artist?

I think for the most part, you will always be taken somewhere new. I try my hardest to bring in new elements with every idea/or song. Im always all over the place with genre’s and try not to give myself boundaries. I promise that you will never hear the same song twice from me, but will keep the common thread flowing. I believe its important that an artist should let the thread take new form over time.

When you started producing music did you ever imagine that you’d be on tour and playing music professionally so to speak?When I first started this project I would have never imagined touring, making a living off of music or even seeing it grow as much as it has. Im incredibly thankful to the people who have been into the music, supported me and/or even given it a chance. I am constantly blown away at the fact that I have the opportunity to share my music to people across the globe; when people are receptive to it, it helps bring meaning to this. Its what keeps me making music, to know that maybe someone out there will find something in the music that speaks directly to them or help them get through hard times.

What’s coming up for you in late 2012 or 2013?

Im going to leak out a single from my full length, featuring some remixes, sometime around January, then working on getting my band “isle’s” record out to the public sometime around late spring, and have a collaboration album in the works right now. If all goes as looking forward to an exciting and productive 2013 of music! Working on getting some US and EU dates in there as well!

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