5 Questions: XXYYXX

Since late 2011 the music community has seen a influx of super talented, fairly young music producer step out of the confines of their bedrooms and onto the scene with massive bangers.

XXYYXX tracks have already been circulated all over the interweb like wildfire due to their feel good, mellow vibe that will even get your grandmother in a trance.

Who is XXYYXX you ask? Well Dont worry my friend we got the scope.

Name: Marcel Everett

Location: Orlando, Florida

How exactly did you get started in making music?

I started making music at around 10 years old. That’s when I started playing guitar, I was into more punk sounding things back then. I got into the electronic field at about 14 years old. I was heavily inspired by Toro y Moi and Com Truise, thus creating my first album, ‘Still Sound’.  It was until recently that I found my sound in  a way. I’ve figured out what comes out naturally, I’d consider this the new wave for me and making music.

Since your only 16 do all your friends in High School know about your XXYYXX project and what do they think?

Quite a few fellow students know about XXYYXX. They all seem to respond positively on it, I’m just glad people are giving it a listen and supporting some local music.

Explain to us your creative process. Do you have a daily routine where you go and write music, or is it spontaneous?

I usually just make tracks when I’m feeling down or in a really odd mood. If I feel really disassociated I might make something based off of that disconnected feeling. Any state that isn’t too typical  is where I like to explore my creative output. I wouldn’t call it spontaneous, but there isn’t really much of a routine. I just try to put as much into as I can to reflect how i felt the track to be.

What equipment do you use.

I simply use my laptop and an AKAI MPK49 during live shows. In general, I have some sort of keyboard or midi controller and I just hook that up to my laptop. It’s a pretty minimal setup.

What can we expect from XXYYXX say mid summer? 

This summer should bring a vinyl release by yours truly, at least that’s how things are looking as of late. If somehow that doesn’t happen, there will still be a release.

Shout out to LYFSTYL music and all your followers?

Thank you to all of the supporters and bloggers that have let me grow and who have exposed my work to others and thank you LYFSTYL for giving me this nice opportunity for an interview.

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