Why You Need A Suede Jacket This Spring

For the more experimental and confident, bright coloured suede jackets combine the best of the rich texture and washed out spring hues for a fresher, younger and on-trend look.

For those of us who don’t live in areas that feature sunshine all throughout the year, spring is certainly a wonderful time of the year. As the days become brighter and the weather warmer, the unpredictable transition season allows for some playful combinations of outfits requiring versatility to tackle all sorts of conditions.

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Historically a signifier of luxury and wealth, to this day suede and sophistication go hand-in-hand. Very recently, however, the look of luxurious richness in texture has gradually been re-introduced, starting most notably through offerings from Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent and Tom Ford. It also doesn’t hurt that the Alessandro Michele-led fashion powerhouse Gucci is leading the charge in the revival of the 1970s in menswear – something suede jacket fits right on trend with an elegantly modern spin.

For those looking to really shake it up this spring, a pop of colour may be the on-trend addition you’ve been waiting for. While any shade of tan or brown is certainly a foolproof choice that can be worn with virtually any colour palette and evokes some retro vibes, the bright coloured version strolls into the season as the younger, fresher and more playful alternative.

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Already offering an unheralded mixture of warmth, comfort and breathability, the blinding colour epitomizes that chic spring style. The richness in the material provides a luxurious finish that remains subtle and sleek, a refreshing change that is sure to stand out among the endless pools of denim and leather jacket goers.

Like a swiss army knife, at the core of the suede jacket lies its best quality – versatility. Equipped with a fairly accurate weather app, the suede jacket is perfect on-trend addition that you are able to throw on top of just about anything. To an extent, this still rings true for the bright coloured jackets. While it should no doubt be the loudest piece in your outfit, complemented with your neutral wardrobe basics, such as all-black, is a sure-fire way to keep it cool.

Whatever your look, be it a traditional MA-1 bomber jackets, tailored blouson jacket or the classic rugged trucker, the suede jacket bolstered by bright colour is the perfect spin on a timeless and exclusive look that is going nowhere anytime soon.

Words by Braeden Alexander – Shop summer jackets on Mr. Porter now.

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