Belle Game

Belle Game Delivers an Essence of Vulnerability and Freedom

The Belle Game’s profound maturity on their sophomore album Fear/Nothing is a representation of their growth outside of music.

Somewhere comfortably in between gothic, romantic and indie-pop, Belle Game have managed to create a unique combination of mid to high range of vocals with creative rock sound. However, music has always been more than just an artistic medium. For many including Belle Game, it represents growth, healing, self-express and personal identity.

Between their debut album, 2013’s Ritual Tradition Habit, and last year’s sophomore offering entitled Fear/Nothing, the Vancouver indie-pop band has returned with major changes to their own sound, which can be attributed to their growth as people rather than a pursuit to conform to industry standards.

Belle Game

Belle Game continues to create music in their own unique manner, with a primary focus on remaining true to themselves in the process. As a creative outlet, their new offering serves as a representation of personal growth, which is evident in comparison to Ritual Tradition Habit. Consisting of Andrea Lo, Adam Nanji, Alex Andrew and Katrina Jones, Belle Game sees music as a much deeper entity than just an art form, but a way to support the well-being of citizens and even a massive contributing factor to the current world-wide economy.

Fear/Nothing definitely developed from a more organic state and the themes didn’t come into recognition until we were able to look at it in retrospect,” lead vocalist Andrea Lo tells LYFSTYL. At the forefront of the change of their sound was their development as people through the four years between albums.

A huge definer in writing the new album was in the deep shifts and roller coaster rides we had over four years as we began to relinquish control over our writing process and allowed it to come from somewhere more physiological instead,” she admits. “It required that we lived life, took risks, turned inwards, had deeper conversations with ourselves, and moved forward without knowing.”

Belle Game

Let it be whatever it is that it is to you, and whatever it is that you need.”

Without a doubt, rehabilitation through the vehicle of sound has resonated with the band’s young international fanbase. With streams across Spotify and Apple Music clocking in the millions, Belle Game surely deserve more credit for successfully breaking down norms and inserting themselves in multiple genres.

With something for everyone, the band leaves it up to fans to interpret the music as they wish, just as they created it in their own organic way. The songs can easily resonate through multiple personal situations and memories that span many peoples lives, forming a strong sense of community and togetherness that is tough to achieve.

Let it be whatever it is that it is to you, and whatever it is that you need,” Andrea says, perfectly summarizing the sounds and emotion of the album.

Last month Belle Game also released their latest music video “Low,” featuring depictions of the creation of synthetic sex dolls, the ideal male body, plastic surgery and even Andrea Lo herself in a moment of introspection. Giving a whole new potential meaning to the song, we can take away the many societal influences sex and body image plays in everyday life, but interpretation is completely up to the viewer.

“We’re all moving through life together, and we’re all asking to be witnessed in one way or another, that’s why we have music,” Andrea resolves. Indeed, Belle Game leaves no ear unsatisfied in their consistent pursuit to create.

Watch the “Low” music video above and check out their tour dates below:

Feb 23 Vancouver / Imperial^
Mar 23 Austin TX, Stubbs*
Mar 27 Dallas TX, House of Blues*
Mar 28 New Orleans LA, Joy Theater*
Mar 30 Orlando FL, House of Blues*
Mar 31 St. Petersburg, FL at Jannus Live*
Apr 1 Ponte Vedra, FL at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall*
Apr 3 Charlotte, NC at The Neighbourhood Theatre*
Apr 4 Richmond, VA at The National*
Apr 6 Baltimore, MD at Ram’s Head Live*
Apr 7 Huntington, NY at The Paramount*
Apr 8 Montclair, NJ at The Wellmont*

Words by Eric Cooper.