Album Review: Childish Gambino – Because The Internet

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has outdone himself with Because The Internet. Glover has moved past music and past the concept album to create an interactive world for his fans to immerse themselves in through one of the most imaginative rollouts (movie and screenplay) in music ever.

The music is creative and no song is the same. They might seem fragmented, unconnected, and much like his actions over the past year, leaves the listener with many questions about what the artist meant and what it means to be alive today in the age of the internet. His lyrics are catchy, witty, and although the music is unconventional, it often reinforces the contemplative feeling that accompanies his work.

Because the Internet is easily one of the best produced albums out this year. While some of you might be upset that he doesn’t rap as much as a normal rap album, the singing enhances the whole concept of the album – but rest assured when Gambino does rap, he spits some lethal bars.

Upon first listening you might not understand this album – if this is the case, you should read the script  Donald Glover wrote to go along with the it. The whole album feels like your on a cinematic quest rather than just any old album – it is a complex and intriguing universe. The script is extremely well done and showcases how he is a talented screenwriter. The music only amplifies this. The lyrics, the sonic tones and instrumentals enhance the listener’s connection within the world he created.

If you’ve been following Gambino since the start, Because the Internet will most likely blow your mind. If, as a listener, you can understand what the songs are about then you’ll fully appreciate how much bigger this album is than just music.

This is art.

Score: A