Concert Review: Anna Lunoe at The Mid

Delayed but never forgotten! Editor Rupa Jogani hit up Anna Lunoe’s set at The Mid in Chicago in early February to watch one of her favorite female DJs murder her set.


I’m not sure HOW The Mid consistently books amazing artists but every person I know, industry or not, has a deep detestation for that venue, and yes, I am also one of those people. I bite the bullet often to hit up the club since artist lineups are always on point (SBTRKT? Disclosure? Hell, even Giraffage was there) and I did it again for my girl Anna Lunoe. What a gem.


Well, the crowd was… as I expected it to be. Primarily EDM goers and River North regulars sprinkled with industry people at every corner (literally, the corners of the venue) admiring Lunoe’s set. I had three terrible encounters with patrons including someone getting handsier than I appreciated while I was taking notes, but alas, it comes with The Mid.


Each time I’ve seen Anna Lunoe perform I’m blown away by her sets. The producer slash DJ from LA by way of Sydney, Australia is a force to be reckoned with. She spends a lot of time digging through the internet and always taking suggestions from friends and fans for tracks to add to her sets and oh boy, is she picky, which is a welcomed change from the drudgery of most dance-based artists. She creates an environment of genre bending, wild dancing, and heavy breathing because she won’t accept anything less than perfect. As always, a Fool’s Gold artist knows how to continue representing their name.


Lunoe is one charming lady up on her decks. She dances with exuberance and passion, engages the crowd, and always looks like she’s having fun, even when she’s overwrought with exhaustion. I had outfit envy too with her vinyl red pants and cropped white top. Still want it but would never be able to pull it off <sigh>


The Mid boasts one of the best sound setups for clubs in Chicago, and Anna Lunoe’s set sounded impeccable. I checked it from each side of the venue, in the middle of the dancefloor, then spent time in the upper rafters. While minute changes could be heard from each point, it was never enough to detract from her set. Excellent sound as always.


YES. Anna Lunoe is one of the few female DJs in the music community that can shake a room to its very core. She doesn’t hold back and has an amazing ear for club tracks – well curated and there’s a high chance you won’t know the majority of the songs she’ll spin.

Also, she’s a bad ass. Those red vinyl pants from her set continues to sear itself my memory.

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