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Concert Review: Digital Dreams 2015

Digital Dreams 2015, sponsored by Bud Light, had one of the most amazing lineups for a North American EDM festival. Sadly, this seems to have been one of the most difficult years for the overall production.

Saturday’s performances were cancelled because of unsafe weather conditions – heavy winds and rain. There has been major controversy on literally all of their social media platforms surrounding this unfortunate decision. Festival goers expressed absolute dismay at the fact that they had not only paid for tickets; but, had also paid for flights, hotel rooms, and other miscellaneous costs. Additionally, fans who stood outside for hours waiting for the gates to be opened at 2 p.m. were turned away confused and angry at being told shortly after 2 p.m. that Saturday’s performances were no longer happening. They were even more furious after the announcement that all refunds would go to the purchasing credit card, rather than the current wristband holder. Many expressed concern having bought tickets from third party sellers via kijiji and craigslist. Whilst there are obvious improvements to be made in terms of communicating with the fans, it is our belief that cancelling an event when safety is not guaranteed is a smart decision. Safety should always be the primary concern; especially in an open venue with tens of thousands of ravers and unpredictable weather. Adding to the disappoint was the announcement that major headliners Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, and Porter Robinson would not be rescheduled.

Despite extremely negative backlash, the organizers announced on Sunday that the festival would start two hours later than previously scheduled in order to facilitate cleanup and repairs to the grounds. Of course, this did not sit well with fans as this meant a shorter Sunday experience which they didn’t think was worth the money.

Luckily, Adventure Club and Martin Garrix were scheduled on Sunday. Both acts brought the house down and ultimately saved the day.

Adventure Club, the duo consisting of Christian Srigley and Leighton James, threw down a monster set featuring their new hit track, “Crash 2.0”. They continued to pump up the crowd throughout their set by enhancing the overall vibe of every festival goer that was presently being soaked by the torrential downpour. They closed with fan favourites like “Crave You” and “Lullabies” and had every single attendee dancing and singing along.

Only half way through his most whirlwind year-to-date (performing at Ultra Music Fest in Miami; headlining the opening party of the brand new Vegas hotspot – ; and, the release of sizzling brand new tracks in featuring megastars like Usher, Tiesto, and Avicii; Martin Garrix took the Digital Dreams main stage by storm and proved why he is currently known as one of the youngest and most talented producers – he is clearly being referred to as “the next Tiesto” for a reason. And that reason is because he is spectacular.

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