GUZZO x Mr. Sunshine

Dragons’ Den Star Vince Guzzo Unveils Iconic Footwear Collaboration

“Mr. Sunshine” teamed up with Palm Beach-based Stubbs & Wootton for the unique release

When cinema mogul Vince Guzzo first caught wind of the unique craftsmanship and inventive design elements behind Palm Beach-based Stubbs & Wootton’s footwear offerings in 2009, it was love at first product test. From the very moment he slipped a pair of the lavish yet comforting loafers onto his feet, he knew his relationship with the product was going to transcend the ordinary bond a man has with his wardrobe. The comfortable feel of the slippers coupled with the endless customization and personalization opportunities was something Guzzo couldn’t help but appreciate. Ten years later and the Montréal resident’s contemporary closet now features an eclectic mix of Stubbs & Wootton products which, as early March, now includes a trio of Mr. Sunshine-branded slippers that he released in conjunction with the Florida company.

GUZZO x Mr. Sunshine

“The idea for the collaboration didn’t spring up suddenly one day, it’s something that’s been in the works for some time,” said Guzzo of the slippers he produced in partnership with Stubbs & Wootton, which officially launched on on March 1, 2019. “I’ve loved the company’s products for years and now, especially given my role on Dragons’ Den, the timing made perfect sense.”

Guzzo owns and operates Guzzo Cinemas, the largest chain of independent cinemas in Canada, and has recently stepped into the Canadian media spotlight as a fan favourite on CBC’s beloved entrepreneurially-focused show, Dragons’ Den. In addition to his quirky personality on the show, his sharp fashion sense and memorable style are consistently on display, with one signature element being the bright yellow flower he wears daily on the lapel of his navy blue suit jacket—the ultimate representation of his Mr. Sunshine persona. Given its prominent role in his everyday look, the flower became a key component in the slipper designs that the movie magnate developed.

“I can be warm and accommodating, but if you try to mess with my business, I will react and you risk getting burned,” said Guzzo of how his Mr. Sunshine persona manifests itself in his work life. “The Stubbs & Wootton collaboration takes this reality into account, but also really reflects the enthusiasm and passion I felt while developing the product. It was a lot of fun.”

GUZZO x Mr. Sunshine

Each of the three loafer designs is completely inspired by Guzzo’s Mr. Sunshine character. The shoes all feature black primary colouring, while differing by way of the insignias displayed over the toe areas. One edition reads “Mr. Sunshine,” on each foot with the yellow flower neatly cushioned on top of each logo. The second reads “Mr” on the right slipper, paired with the signature flower on the left slipper. The last, which is available for both men and women, simply features the iconic yellow flower on both feet. The loafer collaboration is available in limited quantities on and ranges from $579-$599.

While the loafer release was Guzzo’s first foray into custom design, it isn’t going to be his last. The Dragons’ Den star says several other collaborations are in the works and will similarly be made available on his personal website this spring.