For The Love Of Coffee: Montreal

If you know me personally, then you probably know that coffee is a big part of my life.

Obviously, it helps get my day started, but it is also so much more than that. Boutique coffee shops aren’t just selling a product like their larger, more mainstream counterparts; they are selling an experience. Being in a creative industry, allows me the freedom to work from various locations and coffee shops are my top choice. I recently took a trip to Montreal and searched for the top Montreal Coffee Shops. I chose the following based on product, service, and location. Here are my favourites:

Le Couteau:

Have you ever experienced happiness in a coffee cup? I experienced it at Le Couteau. You can taste the individual flavour combinations of the beans; which perfectly blend together in a symbiotic harmony. And I was not the only one who felt this way. Both of the people I went with agreed that it was also the best coffee they had ever had. The layout of the cafe is impeccable – lots of windows providing natural light; low tables and seating – creating a spacious and lounge-y atmosphere; and a large front patio for those customers wanting to take advantage of the warmer days. The music is lower than a lot of other cafes I visited, allowing for the pleasant hum of conversation (still quiet enough to not be a distraction if you’re working on your laptop). I stumbled onto this cafe on my way to a restaurant down the street. It seems almost as if Plateau residents are keeping it a secret from the rest of the city.

Cafe Plume:

Cafe Plume is a quaint little cafe in the Mont Royal neighbourhood (conveniently located for a post brunch coffee; or a post hike refreshment). Upon my first visit, it was very clear that an astounding amount of thought and effort went into the design of the space. The decor is simple and modern yet still creates an eclectic atmosphere that contributes to the welcoming vibe you immediately feel when walking through the door. The black and white colour scheme is consistent with the design of their business cards; the magazine covers displayed on one of the walls adds bright colours to the mix and also provides customers with awesome reading material (like the Rolling Stone Bob Marley tribute issue). Additionally, the staff is fantastic – friendly and knowledgeable about their products. Sandwiches and baked treats are fresh and delicious; and the coffee, for lack of a better word, the coffee is simply spectacular.

Pikolo Espresso:

Pikolo Espresso was on every single list of Montreal recommended coffee shops. Naturally, the more popular a business gets, the easier it is to overlook some of the small details that made it stand out to begin with. For the most part, Pikolo lived up to it’s expectations – cute space, great location, decent tasting espresso. However, it seemed a tad understaffed for the number of customers waiting (and as a result, less attentive). Additionally, the space could be better utilized to provide more seating in my opinion. If you are looking for a place to sit for awhile or even meet a friend, this probably isn’t the spot for you. If you don’t mind grabbing-to-go, however, then you definitely be sufficiently satisfied.

Cafe Myriade:

I had heard about Cafe Myriade and I knew I had to have it. Not only do Montreal-ers rave about the coffee, but they also rave about the pastries and they are not wrong in their praises! I visited the newest Club Monaco location which was small but beautifully designed. They chose hues of aquamarine for their colour scheme which creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The staff was fabulous – they took their time with each customer regardless of the lineup, answering questions and providing recommendations. The coffee was heavenly and went perfectly with one of their chocolatines (it was fluffy, light, flaky, and filled with rich, flavourful, melt-on-your-tongue chocolate. It is a tad more expensive than some of the other cafes but absolutely worth every single penny.