Guest Post: Shuffler FM

Hi I’m Andriana, and I’m the social media/marketing/outreach lady for We’re a 1.5 year start-up out of Amsterdam dedicated to creating a more complete music discovery experience. is a music magazine, or “radiozine,” powered by tastemakers of music blogs and sites. A mix between internet radio and a curated, editorial, magazine, two marketswe’re working on reinventing.

If you can’t be bothered to trawl through the thousands of tastemaker music blogs and sites in search of the latest trends, then does it for you, compiling the web’s hottest, latest and most relevant tracks and video’s in magazine form. Think of as the Flipboard for music.

What’s really cool is that you are not only discovering new artists and songs, but you’re discovering that music in context. You can read about the music directly from the original source, while listening to the track. As a blogger myself, it’s really cool that we can direct traffic to these awesome sites providing the content for our users. Plus it’s always more engaging when the site you’re visiting is also aesthetically pleasing. Our team of designers knocked it outof the park in that department.

For this post I wanted to pick songs and artists I’ve really been digging, from a variety of genres, all of which I discovered on blogs I subscribe to on I’m not going to lie, my music taste and scope has developed so much more since I started working at and using the site every day. It’s pretty amazing.

Thanks so much for letting me share, hope you dig!

Much Luv, Andriana

p.s. We just launched our free iPhone app, so now you can discover to great music on the go. Check it out HERE.

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