EZY Lima: How Deep Is Your Love?

EZY Lima is an up-and-coming female producer from Germany. You may have already heard her incredible remix of Calvin Harris’ “How Deep Is Your Love” which we posted a few weeks ago (if you haven’t heard it, click here).

We were absolutely blown away by the song, and immediately reached out to EZY Lima to find out more about her. Here’s what she had to say about how she got started in music, challenges, accomplishments, and her favourite album of 2015.

Did you grow up in a musical household?
Actually, no; but when I as a teenager I wanted to learn how to play the piano and my mother supported me in that by getting me a teacher.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?
Oh that takes me back 🙂 Music that was popular at that time and that I listened to mostly was Neo Soul, Hiphop, Grunge, Alternative Rock and some Electronic music. And there have been some records that I listened to over and over again like “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill“.

Tell us about your music. How did you develop your sound?
Developing one’s sound is a very difficult task for any artist I think. For me it was crucial to find out what style fulfills me musically the most and to produce that type music that I’m still in love with after I spend a long time creating it. I recently got to the point where I’m feeling comfortable with my own style but it was a long process and I think it’s an evolving process. I developed my sound by following the work of my favorite producers and analytically listening to their music. Also a lot of times trying to rebuild some of their production. For example, my very first producer Idols back then were Roc-A-Fella’s Kanye West and Just Blaze. I spent a lot of time just to find out how they arranged their drums when I started producing. There have been many others since then. Recently, I’ve listened to a lot of Flume. I’m not trying to imitate the artist, but to see how their music works and which technique I can maybe use as inspiration for my own style. Also I’ve watched and I’m still watching a lot of mixing and producing tutorials and some of them are very helpful. There is a Nicky Romero video that he did for future music on how he created Toulouse. I’ve watched the video several times. There are some parts in the video when you are thinking “I’ve known this from before but never realized that this is so crucial – I have to take this more seriously in my production“. Also the Kick Synth Plugin that he and Sonic Academy created is extremely good I think. I’ve built my preset in there for my subbasses and have my collection of clicks in there. I guess that’s part of developing your own sound.

Genre-wise how would you describe yourself?
I think the best way to describe my music is to call it melodic chill trap.

I am a huge fan of your cover of Calvin Harris’, “How Deep Is Your Love.” Can you tell us a little about the creative process behind this song?
I randomely discovered Lea Beiley when surfing the web. I was so in love with her music that I directly asked her if she would like to collaborate with me on this one. She sent me the vocals and I started working on it. I was not happy with the first few versions I did and experimented with different grooves and tempos; but suddenly it felt good. Also I think Lea did make the cover kinda special as she kept the chorus but wrote new verses.

What do you think makes you and your type of music unique from other artists?
I think you don’t find a female producer that often haha 🙂 I like to create relaxing atmospheres but with a deep vibe. Highlighting the music with melodic drops and working with a tight subbass and rhythms that create a bounce that wants to make you move even though the music feels chilled. I really cannot say if that makes me unique from other artists, but when people are giving me positive feedback about my music that really motivates me.

Favourite album of 2015 so far and why?
I think it’s Kendrick Lamar’s – To Pimp A Butterfly – because I think Lamar expanded the boundaries of hip hop with this one. Also, every song has it’s own identity and Lamar works his lyrical wonders on top.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment to date?
I just finished with university so that’s a big accomplishment I guess. 🙂

What has been your biggest challenge?
Being satisfied with my own production. That challenge is still running. 😉

What’s next for EZY Lima?
I have originals in the making. I’m very excited about that.

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