Album Review: James Vincent McMorrow - Post Tropical

Album Review: James Vincent McMorrow – Post Tropical

Irish singer/songwriter James Vincent McMorrow blows expectations out of the water on Post Tropical, his sophomore follow-up to Early in the Morning. His equally stunning debut serves as our first encounter with McMorrow’s hazy falsetto, lyrics of melancholy, accompanied by the gentle strumming of acoustic and electric guitars. On Post Tropical, McMorrow transcends to another realm of creativity showcasing his progression as an artist.

Naturally, similarities can be drawn between McMorrow’s progressed sound with his contemporaries; however, the use of electronic beats, electric guitars, synths, samplers, and piano provides McMorrow with new areas to explore. The result: an emphasis on minimalism filled with beautiful textures and R&B dreaminess – lyrically, vocally and now sonically James Vincent McMorrow is unmatched.

Simply put, Post Tropical is McMorrow’s magnum opus – the album is thematic and at times introspective and intimate… it is a real masterpiece. James voice and his artistic ingenuity is what makes this album a must-have for the long days of short light that lie ahead this winter…

Essential Tracks: ” Red Dust”, “All Points”, “Look Out”, “Outside, Digging”, and “Cavalier”

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