LYFSTYL & Synesthesiae Films – Celestial Summer

Celestial Summer is a Space themed compilation curated by LYFSTYL & Synesthesiae Films!

Celestial Summer, a compilation inspired by free ambient sounds released by NASA in decades past. These sounds aurally capture the electromagnetic activity of distant planets and celestial bodies, including those from the planet Jupiter and from blazars, blazing compact quasars.

The 15-track mix invited electronic and experimental musicians to pay homage to space exploration through their own interpretations of it. Celestial Summer includes everything from the vocal-driven and dynamic “Quaid” by Teeel to the minimal and aptly-named “floating” by Ricky Eat Acid and the jazzy “Sunlight Shivers” by Baby Sloth Spirit. And with track names like sc49′s “Dream Of An Extraterrestrial Orgasm,” Summer Heart’s “Girl From The Moon,” or Yojimbo Billions’ “Interstellar Love Letter,” it is clear that each band has varied interpretations of what space is or expectations as to how mankind’s understanding of it will ultimately fare. Nonetheless, what unites every band is a deep curiosity about the mysteries of the great unknown.


  1. Ricky Eat Acid – floating
  2. Teeel – Quaid
  3. Culture Voyage – Digital Stargate
  4. Baby Sloth Spirit – Sunlight Shivers
  5. Summer Heart – Girl From The Moon
  6. Yojimbo Billions – Interstellar Love Letter
  7. sc49 – Dream Of An Extraterrestrial Orgasm
  8. oddlogic BLAZAR
  9. Pyrenees – Lost Aurora
  10. Starfawn – Delta V
  11. Sert One – Constant Conflict (Earth)
  12. Milky Toad –  NASA – VOYAGER SPACE SOUNDS 1990
  13. Early Spirit – Mercury’s Freezing (This Time of Year)
  14. Stellar Door – Jupiter