Mad Love In Crazy Times Compilation

After completing our first compilation Blissful Allusion, I was very eager to embark on a new musical project! Yojimbo Billions (who also appeared on Blissful Allusion) approached me with the idea for Mad Love In Crazy Times where an artist of our choice remixes or does a cover of a proper love song (not a break up track because those are all depressing) – without hesitation I jumped on board.

Check out what Yojimbo Billions had to say about where he got the idea for the compilation from: “The reason I decided to put this mixtape together was because I thought it was a kick-ass gift for my wife on our fifth anniversary, which is today.  I got a hold of a lot of musicians I knew personally, or knew well enough to feel comfortable asking, to record a remix or a cover of a love song.  Whether they said yes because the challenge appealed to them or out of a personal favor to me, I’ve been floored by the quality of music I’ve been getting back these past few weeks. Once Mwinyi (LYFSTYL) got involved, he was able to reach out to different artists who wanted to make something that would fit under the “Mad Love In Crazy Times” umbrella.  I’m truly flabbergasted by the quality and diversity of work on display here, and while it certainly is a kick-ass anniversary gift, the songs are greater than just that novelty.  It’s a long, strange, horny, lovely trip, and I hope you enjoy it”. 

Mad Love In Crazy Times features all brand new music from: Corduroi, Galapagos, Yojimbo Billions, Short Circles, Pinemarten, Mutual Benefits, Starfawn, Macklin Underdown, A Flawless Decent, City Of The Asleep and Quezo.


  1. Corduroi – The Way I Feel Inside (Corduroi Remix)
  2. City Of The Asleep – I Am Stretched On Your Grave (Armodue Mix)
  3. Mutual Benefits – Funnel of Love
  4. Starfawn – TRSLPNGWTHBRKNHRT (Starfawn Remix)
  5. Macklin Underdown – Subnarcosis (Darkroom Love)
  6. Quezo – Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)
  7. Short Circles – James & Evander – Slap Bracelet (Short Circles Remix)
  8. A Flawless Descent – Glass Vase Cello Case (A Flawless Descent Remix)
  9. Pinemarten – True Blue
  10. Yojimbo Billions – Our Theme (Jon Brion’s Main Theme from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
  11. Galapagos – Foool

This Compilation is meant to be listened in order. Download the complete set via our Bandcamp. So without further ado, I present you with Mad Love In Crazy Times.