New York City: 5 Quintessential Sights

The core of the American arts, dining and shopping scenes, New York City is a place everybody deserves to experience in its most typical form.

From the endless skyscrapers to bright lights that pulsate from Times Square, New York City exudes an irresistible energy. Iconic in every sense of the word, the picturesque streets and landmark sights of New York have been ingrained into our minds for decades, from The Goodfellas to Friends.

Wherever you’ve seen it, the Big Apple is a city that deserves to be discovered in its most emblematic form, cliché and all. From the behemoth Empire State Building to the ethnic enclaves filled to the brim with trendy bars and chic shops, planning a trip to NYC can be quite overwhelming. Here we’ve run a list of the five most quintessential sights anybody travelling to New York City should see.

Museum of Modern ArtNew York

A absolute must for anyone even remotely interested in the modern art scene. Now home to over 200,000 pieces of art, the MoMA’s galleries are filled with some of the most decorated artists of all-time: Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, Rothko, Pollock and more, often leaving art enthusiasts and novices alike awestruck. The extraordinary collections from some of contemporary and modern art’s greatest minds fuels creativity, ignites minds and provides endless inspiration.

Central Park

New York

Home to 843 acres of lush greenery, Central Park offers a brief oasis away from the intensity of the city. Whether it’s your first or tenth time in the Big Apple, no trip is complete without a visit to Central Park. From the elm-lined walkways along the lake to the joggers and strumming guitars to the outdoor theatre (a memorial to John Lennon), it’s easy to appreciate the leisure space and sense of community that Central Park provides New Yorkers from all walks of life.

West Village

Consisting mainly of quaint brownstones and tree-lined streets, the West Village neighbourhood provides the picturesque version of New York City you probably already had in your mind. Remaining virtually unchanged since the 19th century, today West Village is complete with charming cafes, joggers and the occasional celebrity out and about. A casual stroll is where many come to fulfill their imagination about life in New York.

Statue of Liberty

While a visit to the Statue of Liberty ensures spectacular harbour and city skyline views, it often is thought of as something much more profound. For millions of immigrants passing through Ellis Island, Lady Liberty was their first taste of America–and in colossal fashion. Today it’s still seen as a symbol for the ideals of opportunity and freedom.

New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is now home to over 2 million individual objects in its permanent collection, making it one of the largest museums in the world. From textiles and artifacts to paintings and sculptures from around the globe that span human history as far back as the ancient Egyptians to postmodern American painting, the MET is simply an unrivalled experience of amazing achievements.

Words by Braeden Alexander.

Director of Content