Psychedelic GIFs of Pop Icons by Le Cube

…Sometimes, it’s too much to be on-air.

South American creative studio Le Cube were commissioned to make some GIFs of pop stars for MTV. The briefing was: “let’s make fun of some pop icons using cool animations in gif style”. Sadly to say, the MTV US legal department together with some labels and their lawyers decided that it was too much to be on air.

The series features an animated Nick MInaj’s butt bouncing on a Washing Machine, Kanye West showing all his self love, and Justin Bieber melting his face with a hair dryer. Check out the others below.

Attention Lawyers – this is just some fun gifs that MTV decided no to put on air, but they were too cool not to be in our portfolio. So, If you want to sue something, sue boredom.








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