Shiraz's headliner performance

Shiraz, Israel and Palestine

How would you describe this decade’s funny bone?

In the age of facebook and selfies, what humours us ranges from slapstick to downright raunchy. For comedians, the challenge with the current times is not the subjects or themes, but the mix and balance. Being able to sell a performance to a crowd, that’s more informed than the entire 19th century, is admittedly difficult but a requirement for a successful show.

Shiraz is a comedian from Victoria, BC who has captured the attention of audiences from Vancouver to New York. His style brings together the raunchy humour we know from South Park with the intelligent commentary that made Chris Rock a household name. His ability to combine truth with fiction is art.

Recently, Shiraz held a headliner performance in Victoria which was being discreetly filmed. The show feels like a homecoming for the comedian who has been out and about, practicing his trade. The crowd is at home and so is Shiraz. As a result, he doesn’t hold back and the floodgates open.

Check out his latest clip from the hour long session. Note that Lyfstyl does not have any political commentary regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Like I say, “leave comedy to the professionals.”