SiR by Jack McKain LYFSTYL
SiR by Jack McKain.

SiR Stays Humble As His Presence in the Industry Grows

With an angelic voice and an impeccable pen, SiR is the perfect addition to the TDE family.

Not many manage to find themselves in the likes of their idols, but with SiR’s continued influence in the R&B scene, he’s managed to sign with Top Dawg Entertainment. Without a doubt, SiR’s involvement with artists such as Jill Scott to Jay Rock has finally put him in the spotlight for good reason.

With his mother working with stars such as Tina Turner and Michael Jackson, as well as a heavy influence of Gospel Music, SiR had a lot to prove when discovering his passion of singing, songwriting and producing. Through his upbringing in Inglewood, California, he managed to dodge the ever-so-present temptation of gang life with the help from his brother’s protection, while earning a living working in Guitar Center. On the side, he managed to keep laser focused on his passion for music – and it has since paid off.

Through the years, SiR has added many big names to his resume. Working as an engineer for Tyrese Gibson, co-writing for Stevie Wonder and being featured on Jay Rock’s “The Ways” are all impressive feats that represent his continued growth and diversity of skills. SiR has managed to stay modest and thanks all who gave him chances along the way.

In 2012, he released his first mixtape, Wooden Voodoo, and two years later, Long Live Dilla came out in a similar fashion. While these first two bodies of work went down quietly without much success, HER and Seven Sundays were much different and finally proved his worth.

His most dominant album, November, released at the very beginning of this year with a push from Kendrick and the rest of TDE. It quickly caught the attention of many, turning them into die-hard fans. Since its release, it has thrived significantly with millions of streams in only two months. Out of nowhere, SiR has captured the attention and respect of avid music listeners. 

SiR by Jack McKain press photo LYFSTYL
SiR by Jack McKain.

The album itself has a similar listening experience to albums such as Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange or Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. SiR makes it close to impossible to sit still and silent, with creative hums and bouncy beats. Little can compare to the feeling of playing the album on a rainy Sunday or a sunny road trip as it takes you into an introspective mood.

With November solidified as a TDE classic, SiR will continue to have a lot to prove if he tries to top its success.

Words by Eric Cooper.