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Music To Heal With Limited Health

Music Matters. Music has the ability to change lives and affect real change on a personal level.

Music collective, Limited Health does not just release music for your soul – they aim to instil real change by utilizing the healing qualities of music. Recently we sat down with Limited Health to talk about their vision and the music industry..

The collective also put together a great playlist for us. Included are tracks from Rina Sawayama, Kodie Shane, Elohim, So Below, Miles from Kinshasa, Net Worty AyyJay BARKKR, and more. Press play and get to know Limited Health below.

What was the inspiration for Limited Health, and whose idea was it to start a music collective?

Well myself and Luke had always had an interest in releasing music, and we became more and more focused on the state of the industry and how we could encourage people to pay for music. We decided to flip the emphasis towards philanthropy rather than consumerism and donated 100% of the proceeds towards our first compilation “Maintain”, to Research Autism. While we’re also doing regular releases to keep ourselves afloat, we will be continuing these charity projects at least once a year.

The idea of the collective came from the fact that all three of our core members (Mitch, Luke, Becka) share a love of collaboration and want to create a support network out there for artists who have mutual love for each other. No matter where you are in the world, there should be people in that area that fuck with your art too, and that’s one of the ultimate goals for creating this team. Providing mutual opportunities and support.

What artist are you currently working with?

We’re currently working with Raveena. She’s an artist from NYC, we just released her debut single ‘You Give Me That’ which has had a fantastic response thus far. Everyone who has come across the single has had nothing but great things to say, so that’s really positive. We have a few other projects in the pipeline too, but we’ll hopefully be able to shed more light on those soon.

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Is there a particular sound that you focus on?

We wanted to be renowned for bringing something fresh to the table. We started off trying to pigeonhole a sound into something that we were specialising in, although as time has gone on, we’ve found so much incredible music that it’s been  impossible to stick to that. We want to inform the mainstream with music that may have gone under the radar without the proper platform. In a way, we want to become the new pop. It’s about filling the mainstream with what we would now call  underground artists until there’s no difference between the two – only incredible music.

Raveena’s single fits into this – It’s a really smooth soul/R&B track reminiscent of Erykah Badu, Sade and D’Angelo that may not have been immediately picked up as something ready for the mainstream due to its slow vibe and sultry tone. Although our vision and sound is constantly adapting and evolving.

How does someone who’s likeminded join your collective?

If you dig what we’re doing or what we’re trying to achieve then get in touch with us. Limited Health is all about pushing the boundaries and supporting great art.

We want to hear all the new music we can, so please send through anything that you have. If we’re into it, we’ll definitely hit you up.

What do you think of todays current state of the music industry – are you finding hard to get recognition for your own art?

It’s difficult for a small label to afford huge campaigns for singles, but that’s always been the case in the industry. If the music is great, the cream will always rise to the top, even if it doesn’t immediately. That’s no more true than with the internet having the impact on music that it does today. Music is being constantly shared. So if something is brilliant, it’ll be heard.

Tell us a little bit about your playlist what was the vibe that you were going for?

The playlist is a selection of tracks that we (Mitch, Luke and Becka) are really enjoying at the moment and feel that connects with us here ar Limited Health. We’ve picked some emerging artists that we feel could do huge things in the next year or so. We had a lot of fun putting it together so we hope you enjoy it!

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