Concert Commandments Everyone Should Follow

There’s nothing quite like going to see a live concert and with Bestival being a mere two weeks away! The excitement leading to it and the fact that you are going to see your favourite artists is just priceless! But sometimes, things can go so wrong at festivals. There may be fights, yelling and people that may piss you off or vice versa. So to make sure you are going to have a great time, read this article.


Here are the Ten Commandments to make sure all you festival goers will have a great time. Follow them strictly for your own good.

I. Thou Shall Make Sure All You Have All The Information For The Concert

You will be surprised that there’s a huge percent of people who miss concerts because they lack information about the concert they are going to. So make sure you have all the information at hand. First, you need to know make sure that you bought the right ticket. Seriously? Yes, seriously, many people still can get wrong about this. Second know the place. Not just now, but be familiar with where it is to avoid getting lost on the day itself. Then you need to know the date/time.

Make sure to come on time or earlier to avoid any last minute rush. You should also carry everything you need in a small bag like concert tickets, cameras and phone. Lastly, make sure to know the rules and regulations of the concert venue beforehand. You don’t want to be thrown out the concert.

II. Thou Shall Not Take Pictures And Video During The Entire Freaking Show

I feel for you. You want to boast and show all your friends on Facebook and Instagram that you are in a cool concert. But you know that you’ll be blocking the site with others by doing that right? Fine! Take a photo or two. Take it 10 if you want. It’s really not a big deal when the person in front of me at a show blocks my view for a few seconds by snapping a picture here and there on their phone. But please, don’t take a 100 or more. And worse? Don’t you dare plan to film the entire concert! That is the ultimate concert sin.

Usually the recording results in a horrid product because you are too far, it’s too dark in the venue, your hands are too shaky, the band’s music being washed out by the bass and the crowd screaming, etc. Not to mention that you don’t really get to enjoy the concert this way because your attention is in your camera. You’ll regret it!

III. Thou Shall Not Be A Douchebag 

If the concert doesn’t have a seat assignment and is a standing only event, don’t bulldozer people to make your way to the front. Remember that those people in front earned their spots. They came in early to claim their space, in fact, they might have even spent the whole day camped out at the gates just to get that front spot in upcoming concerts. Respect that! If you want to be in front, show up early.

IV. Thou Shall Not Get Trashed

A concert may not be complete without a few beers and booze (especially if it is a music festival). But that doesn’t mean you need to get completely trashed. Don’t be that smelly drunk guy who always starts the fight because they’re not in their right minds. You would also not want to be the vomit guy. That’s the worst kind of person to be at the concerts. Everybody will look at you.

V. Thou Shall Not Loose Your Friends

One of the most common problems in concerts or festival is getting separated from your group of friends. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than being in a crowd of 30,000 people slightly drunk by yourself. Cell phone batteries die from texting and from taking photos so no matter what you do keep at least one friend close. It is virtually impossible to find your friends after getting separated.


 VI. Thou Shall Not Break Other People’s Toes

I know that one of the best parts of going to a concert is dancing to the music. That’s ok! Just put in mind that you are not the only ones in there and don’t cross any lines. Bumping into other people, elbowing them and worst stepping on your fresh pairs of sneakers is not the kind of enjoyment you would want to get.

VII. Thou Shall Not Yell Request Over and Over

We all have a favorite song we want our favorite artist to sing; But stop requesting and screaming for it because you are just ruining the show. You should know that most, if not all concerts have a pre-determined set list. So if they are going to play that song, they will. If not, you can’t do nothing about it.

VIII. Thou Shall Not Throw Things At The Band

I’ve seen all things being thrown to artists at concerts. I saw water bottles thrown at countless musicians, and more. You know what? It’s really not nice to play music while having to dodge flying objects. So do not throw anything on stage. RESPECT the artist that is all!

IX. Thou Shall Make Sure To Be Fresh And Clean – And Smells Good

I cannot emphasize this commandment more. But sitting or standing beside someone who has a B.O. at a festival is the worst scenario at all – especially if the concert is jam packed. So do yourself and other people a favor and shower, wear deodorant, brush your teeth well and bring gums (it goes a long way).

 X. Thou Shall Cherish The Moment

Enjoy the show! You used your hard earned money for it and you probably wait a long time to see that artist. So have fun and enjoy the moment. Don’t let your work or other problems restrict you and just put your mind at the moment.

The UK’s award-winning festival returns to Toronto in a brand new location: Woodbine Park, Canada. 11th-12th June, 2016. Check out the awesome recap of last years instalment of festival. See you there… 

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