Top Tens: The Greatest Female Rappers Of All-time

If you ask any hip-hop fan who the greatest male MC of all time is, you’re more than likely hear the same five rappers all over. Now, lets switch the question to “Who’s the best female rapper of all time?” Everyone needs a few moments to try and figure out what female rappers are out there. When they finally answer, you’re more than likely to get about 10 to 15 different responses. Realistically the answer, also, depends on what era of hip-hop your from. If your from the Golden Age Of Hip Hop Era your answer is more than likely MC Lyte, If your from the early to mid 90’s your answer should be Lauren Hill, and if you know anything at all about female rappers, today, you better say Azealia Banks. If you even think the name Nicki Minaj I will sense it and instantly punch you in your face. Here’s LYFSTYL definitive list of “The Greatest Female Rappers Of All-Time”.

10. MC Lyte

9. Rah Digga

8. Da Brat

7. Eve

6. Foxy Brown

5. Lil’ Kim

4. Nicki Minaj

3. Missy Elliot

2. Queen Latifah

1. Lauryn Hill