The Equator 2

The Equator is an international project, we will bring you the favourite tracks of bloggers from around the globe. In this second edition we have tracks chosen by Japanese, Irish, Dutch, Canadian, Romanian and Mexican bloggers. The purpose of this mix is to bring increased listeners to the tracks and artists we love, with a special focus on the promotion of local acts on an international scale. (Equator 1)

1. Lights and Music (Japan): Eadonmm– “Antibody” (feat Ryuei Kotoge)
Eadonmm is a witch-wave producer hailing from Osaka, Japan. Joining forces with Japan’s most cutting-edge electronic label Daytripper, the artist is readying his debut album “Aqonis” later this year.  On his new track “Antibody” introduces Kobe’s chill-wave producer Ryuei Kotoge. The collaboration brings unlikely warmth into cool, terrifying sound, drawing comparisons to Tri-Angle signed musicians like Holy Other and Balam Acab. Something dark and interesting for those who are only familiar with our poppy Anime theme tunes.
2. Soundblob (Ireland): Terriers- “Truant”
Another duo to emerge on the Dublin electronic scene with an incredibly slick and confident sound. While Terriers’ sound is as chill as chill can be, it does not thread anywhere near the over throden chillwave path. Instead their sound conjures seedy images of drugged up driving trough Vegas. In fact all the tracks off their debut EP, while being very minimal, tell stories and will lend themselves very well to visual accompaniment.

3. Over Muziek (Netherlands): Herrek– “Tiger Eyes”
Herrek is the new project of Rotterdam based artist Gerrit van der Ver. For his new album ‘Waktu Dulu’ (which is Indonesian for “fomerly”) he wrote seven songs about his youth in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia. The result is atmospheric, haunting guitar pop stuffed with dazzling melodies and eerie vocals. One of the highlights of the record is ‘Tiger Eyes’ which is – despite of the dark production – surprisingly catchy. If only the song would last more than two and a half minutes…

4. LYFSTYL (Canada): Janet Jackson – “If” (Kaytranada Remix)
Canadian producer Kaytranada took the legendary Janet Jackson’s hit song ‘If’, and simply crafted a masterpiece. The beat slowly builds builds slowly, while kaytranada brilliantly layers Janet’s beautiful vocals over rhythmic subtle thumps. Katranada has the uncanny ability to capture his audience into the world of his emotive beats. When you are listening to his music nothing else matters you just focus on the soothing sounds.

5. Warmer Climes (Romania): Montgomery Clunk– “Twink”
Innovative, surreal, abstract and colourful, rainbowish-ly texturized. Silviu Badea aka Contorsionist aka C L N K aka Montgomery Clunk demonstrates once again his fantastical skills in creating beats for making love in spaceships or dancing naked on a mound of fertile green grass, surrounded by bored wells. The Eastern European “twin-brother in sound” of Hudson Mohowake released his first 12”, Mondegreen, last spring via Error Broadcast (Shlohmo, DZA, Pixelord, B-Ju).

6. Mu-sique (Mexico): Fishlights– “Desprender”
Fishlights is the solo project of Fernando Heftye, from the mexican band The Plastics Revolution. “Desprender” is the first single of his debut EP, it has a collaboration with I Can Chase Dragons!’ Julio Gudiño. The song is about finding a place where you feel fine, which for Heftye is the music. The entire EP was recorded in Leeds, where he lived and studied for a couple of years.