Top Tens: The Best Childish Gambino Music Videos

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino continues to push the boundaries as an artist. He outdid himself with his fantastic album Because The Internet and KAUAI’ EP. Now Glover has moved past music and past the concept album to create an interactive world for his fans to immerse themselves in through one of the most imaginative rollouts for what we can assume is a new album dubbed PHAROS.

In honor of PHAROS and the release of Glover’s new FX show “Atlanta” which he also wrote and stars in LYFSTYL has decided to take a look back at the multifaceted artist fantastic music videos and select our favourites.

Check out our selection below. What is your favourite video of his?

10. Freaks and Geeks

9. Fire Fly

8. 3005

The quirky visuals for “3005” feature Gambino on a Ferris wheel with a teddy bear as his date.

7. Bonfire

By now it should not come as a surprise that Donald Glover loves surrealism. From the moment you press play you are drawn into Glover’s creative mind and the world he creates in the visuals for “Bonfire.”

6. Heartbeat

Unlike the pulsing beat that propels the song, the video for heartbeat is relatively calm and follows Gambino chauffeuring a love interest around town before they inevitably  hookup.

5. Telegraph Ave (“Oakland” By Lloyd)

What starts out as a romantic holiday on a remote beautiful island the visuals for “Telegraph Ave” quickly gets weird. Make sure to watch the video until the end to see how the story unravels in paradise. I still have questions that need answering – hopefully Gambino continues the story in feature videos.

4. The Worst Guys (feat. Chance the Rapper)

The fun, visuals for “Worst Guys” features Chance The Rapper, and follows the two friends relaxing on the beach, surfing, smoking, having a bonfire. Lots of good vibes are taking place.

3. Sweatpants (feat. Problem)

The video for “Sweatpants” takes its inspiration from the film Groundhog Day. The visuals a filmed from the perspective of an ongoing tracking shop in which Childish Gambino becomes acquainted with more and more of versions of himself making for one surreal video.

2. Sober

Taken from his EP Kauai the visuals for “Sober” is set in an diner, where a clearly intoxicated Glover attempts to win over a woman using his hilarious dance moves.

1. Flight Of Navigator

Simply press play…