Top Tens: Who Is The Best Rapper In Odd Future?

Odd Future (short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) a ten-member rap collective from L.A., was formed in 2007 by the groups mastermind – Tyler, The Creator. Odd future has grown from a simple musical collective and has branched out into every faucet of pop-culture by launching a television show (Loiter Squad), fashion brand, a brick and mortar clothing store, a car customization company (Flognaw Motors), a Carnival (Camp Flognaw) and the Golf Media app (the most recent addition from Tyler, The Creator).

With attempts to better understand the collective, I’ve returned back to the avenue of where they got their start – the music; and I’ll attempt to finally put an end to the debate of “Who is the best rapper in Odd Future”?

LYFSTYL did not only consider their lyrical abilities, we also considered their very entertaining personalities, image, and impact their individual music has had on the entire group and their Odd Future Movement.

This is what we came up with:

10. Taco

9. Jasper

*See video above

8. Yung Nigga (Parody Rapper)

7. Left Brain

6. Mike G

5. Hodgy Beats

4. Frank Ocean

3. Domo Genesis

2. Earl Sweatshirt

1. Tyler, The Creator