Top Tracks: Part 9 of the Best of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close the LYFSTYL Music Blog will be counting down our top tracks of the year. Follow along every day as we release ten more of our favourites building towards our top-100. In no particular order, here’s what we at LYFSTYL were listening to this year with numbers 81-90.

Shigeto – Tide Pools

Ghostly came out with their stacked compilation at the end of December shaking up my year-end list once again. Shigeto killed it with his rippling ‘Tide Pools,’ using gradual layering of muted piano, organic drum samples twinged with crackling vinyl, and distant chimes. It’s perfect for late winter nights, a glass of whisky, and heavy contemplation. – Written by Rupa Jogani

Ambassadeurs – Hide and Seek

Ambassadeurs was active in 2014 between signing on new acts for his label, Lost Tribe Records, touring, and putting out dope music. His catchy track, ‘Hide and Seek’ was one of my main summer anthems to get down to. As a trademark of UK dance scene it’s both listenable and danceable, thus garnering a slow nod from me and some serious body rolls from dancers everywhere. – Written by Rupa Jogani

Shamir – If It Wasn’t True

Shamir was a new artist in 2014 smudging the androgynous line and putting out funk driven jams to get down to. It reminds me of The Jellies’ ‘Jive Baby on a Saturday Night’ meeting Prince and creating the freshest kid ever. Keep your eyes out on the 19 year old Las Vegas native, he’s coming for your speakers. – Written by Rupa Jogani

A. G. Cook – Beautiful

I told you guys I’d be putting a few PC Music songs on our Top 100 lists and I always follow through on promises. With A. G. Cook’s hypnotic gem, ‘Beautiful,’ he takes us on a journey to get perfects on every DDR song imaginable. It’s ridden with nostalgic 90s synths and drum beats causing frenetic dancing to occur in bedrooms across the country. If that isn’t good enough for you, Rustie’s massive edit of the song is aggressive in all the right places. – Written by Rupa Jogani

Kero Kero Bonito – Build It Up

The trend in electronic music of blissed-out, pop oriented beats being headed by producers like Ryan Hemsworth and Spazzkid comes to a climax in Kero Kero Bonito’s ‘Build It Up.’ Featuring Sarah Bonito’s flawless rap skills effortlessly flitting between Japanese and English on a backdrop of cracked-out arcade blips and bloops, this song will legitimately pump you up. Also it’s cute. I like cute things. – Written by Rupa Jogani

A-Trak – Push (feat. Andrew Wyatt)

It was a big year for the Macklovitch brothers with Chromeo’s pop album coming out and the heavily anticipated Duck Sauce debut LP finally coming on our playlists. A-Trak, aka Alain Macklovitch had a very busy year collaborating with people like Cam’ron and putting on shows all over North America. He had time for his first, solo song in a year and paired up with Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt for another floor shaking dance number. He even pulls synths from his classic ‘Heads Will Roll’ remix to guide ‘Push’ into glorious territory. – Written by Rupa Jogani

Young Fathers – War

The surprise 2014 Mercury Prize winner was Young Fathers, an experimental hip-hop trio out of Scotland. Their sound is aggressive, dissonant, and constantly striving for something new. They rap on political, social, and at times personal affairs, creating a more emotive debut LP. Dead is one of those difficult-to-consume albums which I love so much and it warrants numerous listens to do it justice. Honestly, I’m glad they won the prize over the favorite FKA twigs because it not only propels them to the forefront of experimental hip-hop, but it showcases even yet another wholly creative group who deserves our attention. – Written by Rupa Jogani

Jim-E Stack – Is It Me

It was a slower year for coherent, well-made electronic albums but Jim-E Stack’s beautiful Tell Me I Belong was an absolute gem. My favorite track off the record is ‘Is It Me’ an emotional, heart-wrenching synth dream. Using distorted vocals, clean drums, muted claps, and layered melodic lines, he melds them together creating an electronic masterpiece. When I first heard it on yet another late night music session, I turned off the lights and sat in reverie, letting the sounds take me away. It’s heavy, poignant, yet restrained which gives the instrumental a warmer, human touch. – Written by Rupa Jogani

Shura – Just Once

Everyone’s favorite indie newcomer, Shura, dropped her majestic song ‘Just Once’ earlier in 2014. She undertook the difficult feat of creating a relatable song about jilted relationships and still craving that person you’re no longer with. We can expect big things from her in the coming year and I look forward to seeing more of her songwriting expeditions. – Written by Rupa Jogani

FKA twigs – Two Weeks

Duh. I could get into the heavy, gorgeous production, or how sexy the lyricism is, OR even how glorious it is seeing FKA twigs as a benevolent Queen of the Damned, but you guys already know all of that. – Written by Rupa Jogani

TCTS – You (feat. Sam Sure)

One of my favorite UK dance producers, TCTS put out his stunner of an EP in 2014. His collaboration with vocalist Sam Sure is near-perfection, befit with bedroom ready bass lines, thumping bass drums, and beautiful synths. It’s darker but also incredibly infectious and I listened to it at least 100 times this year, alone. Sam Sure complements the instrumental seamlessly, so that neither artist overshadows the other yet created an impeccable song. – Written by Rupa Jogani