Kiss Land

Album Review: The Weeknd – Kiss Land

As a big supporter of The Weeknd since 2011, it pains me to say that Kiss Land has let me down. I expected many great things from this album. Unlike The Trilogy, Kiss Land has gotten rid of some of its’ darkness, for a more overproduced, upbeat sound.

Regrettably this change comes across as an experiment rather than having sound direction. Some of the same darkness and sorrow from The Trilogy Collection can be found on tracks like “Kiss Land” and “Tears In The Rain.” On the other hand songs like “Wanderlust”, and “The Town” shows the Weeknd attempting his best at rendition of Michael Jackson melodies.

The Weeknd - Kiss Land

Kiss Land seems to miss the magic that The Trilogy captured brilliantly. The album had its soul ripped out by playing it too safe. It feels like it’s been over produced or been taken in the wrong direction. Due to these missteps all of the tracks sound the same and lacks the same amount of innovation we saw on the earlier projects. Simply put Kiss Land feels rushed presumably to capitalize on The Trilogy’s critical acclaim.


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