THUGLI, on their Controversial Video “Run This”

For our ongoing “5 Questions” series – We interviewed Pat Drastik of Toronto DJ duo, THUGLI, to talk about the inspiration behind their recently released video “Run This“. The video gives a glimpse into the mind of a cocky cop who believes that he is above the law.

Why did you pick this single for your first video release?

We picked this song for our first video after discussing some ideas with one of the directors, Amos LeBlanc. ‘Run This’ was one of our favourites from our first E.P and because of the dark, ominous tone of the song it really made for a perfect pairing with a controversial storyline.

What was the inspiration for the video?

The inspiration for the video was really all that of the directors, Amos LeBlanc and Ohji Inoue. They’re the real masterminds behind the project. We read a treatment and ran with it.

How involved were you with the direction of the video and what was it like working with the VICE team?

Other than producing the song, we really had little to do with any direction. We went to one day of shooting and we were out on tour for the rest of it. Again, all credit due to the entire crew who worked on it. We’ve done a couple of things with Thump/Vice in the past and we thought what better place to premiere it then with them! All amazing people over at Thump/Vice!

What do you want viewers to take away from it?

We really want viewers to come to their own conclusions about it. Some love it and see a message behind it while others find it down right offensive. At the end of the day its up to the viewer to interpret it the way they want to. Of course there is a story dealing with a cycle of violence and abuse of power, but again, we really want the viewer to make their own decisions about it.

Any upcoming tours planned?

We have a bunch of dates in the U.S and Canada planned for the new year. People can keep up to date with our touring via our Facebook page


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Words by: @princessa_the1

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