Perfume Comes to Chicago on Their Latest World Tour

The mega J-Pop girl group Perfume visits the United States for the third time in support of their Cosmic Explorer tour. Perfume, comprised of A-chan, Nocchi, and Kashiyuka, are the apex of a girl idol group in Japan – their hits are produced by Yasutaka Nakata (who also produces for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Capsule) selling over 3 million records in their career. Their titanian popularity in Asia and ubiquity in Japan propelled them to being tapped to perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.   

Perfume’s music gained rapid Western attention after their song “Polyrhythm” was used in Cars 2, had performances at Cannes and SXSW, and collaborated with OK Go in “I Won’t Let You Down” and Perfume’s “Pick Me Up”. Their style is easily recognizable with each member utilizing a specific look for 15 years, razor sharp choreography emphasizing small deliberate movements, and melding technology into their live performances, music videos, and outfits.

For their 2016 world tour, they’re stopping in four US cities – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. This is their first time visiting Chicago and their performance at The Vic Theater on August 31st is already sold out.

You can find me covering their Chicago set at The Vic and make sure to follow my live Tweets (@r_jogani) in support of the event.

Online Editor